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The Fellowship of the Locker!!!!

Welcome, old and new comers, to the glorious abyss that is the FOTL Website!!!  The FOTL, or Fellowship of the Locker, is pleased to recieve you.  As the creator of this spectacular specimen of fabulous website-istry is none too talented with the computer, please refrain from complaining too very much.  We hope you enjoy your stay, and the complementary mint on the pillow. - The Staff de la FOTL.

9-4-05  So...haven't exactly kept up with the site.  But I shall change that...^_^  It's the end of the line...senior year.  It's been a strange summer...and things have happened.  People have changed.  Certain circumstances have changed.  And soon this website will be changed!  I am hoping to get lots of fun pictures scanned and up here...and I shall make sure to size them so you don't explode your computer.  Because I'm nice like that.  And just to forewarn you...a plague might be sweeping the FOTL in the coming days.  XD  plague...a cold...same thing.  Just remember that I, and my counterparts sherri and erin love you all very very much!  ^_^  Much elf love, Kelsey

Well well.  The end of the year.  >_>  Most of us will be seniors next year, and many of us graduated, and the rest are just lowly juniors.  ^_^  Just kiddin' guys.  <333  ANYWAYS, though, it is vair vair sad and most unpleasant that we are all unravelling and will not be as close in a year's time... but perchance this site will help.  We shall all make a pledge to update and visit more often, ESPECIALLY the Holy Trinity... Erinkelseysherri is falling down on the job!!  ^_^  Yep.  We will make it better, and the rest of the FOTL best be visitin'!!!  <3 Erin

Updaty Thingies of Doom!

Upcoming Birthdays!! 



14-Andrew! (he'll be three!!  honorary he is the sherri's little brother...AND my (as in...kelsey) future husband...)



5-Mary Beth!





that's all you get for now, folks. 

So.  Welcome to Senior year, class of 2006...this is it.  And to all of you LOWER classmen...We'll all miss you when we GRADUATE.


This year shall be fun.  I promise.  ^_^

Help me!!!!
If any of you members have any info and/or pictures, or anything to add to this page, please email me at ; or if you have AIM, IM me at IwishIwereAsian7 OR MercutioLives7. They all have sevens... wee!

The Garden Doom